I’m a SAVAGE…Classy-Bougie-Ratchet🤪

Watch the link and you’ll know what I’m saying…can’t help but moovvvee!!

Savage Tap Dancers, Tap the link below


Y’all!! Am I the only one that wanna learn to tap now??

I love this song, the beat, the words alone make you feel like a Tru SAVAGE!!

This song does a few things:

– gets you energized

– raises your “internal Boss” level

-get you up and moving

annnnd make you feel a STRONG sense of confidence!

Shoutout to Meg Thee Stallion & Queen Bee for getting us moving!!🥰

With that being said, keep on dancing!

Be YOUR OWN type of SAVAGE and conquer the day!!!

-J. Robinson, Dope Chic💋

Published by shesjustdope

Wife-Mom-Entreprenuer Living and Loving life on her own terms. Stressless, learning lessons, and living life like a Boss. Life's little hacks with style to make life a little easier.

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