Pump yourself up…Stop being so negative!

Have you sat back and thought of all of the accomplishments you’ve had throughout your lifetime? When thinking on them, do you find yourself smiling and being proud? ABSOLUTELY!! You’re supposed to be proud of EVERY-SINGLE-ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I know, for me, I use to sit and analyze the things that went wrong in the process vs. what was actually accomplished. Think about what could’ve worked, what if I did it a different, maybe it would’ve been better and so on. I was that person who would get a compliment and instead of coming out right and saying, “Thank You”, I would actually downplay what they were complementing me on.

I use to think it was me being humble and by actually accepting the pride, I would seem arrogant and prideful…Was I the only one thinking that way? Nope, in fact a lot of women tend to downplay complements or accomplishments by saying things like:

  • Compliment: I Love your dress Response: Oh, it’s old and has a rip but Thanks
  • Compliment: You look great, have you lost weight? Response: You think so, I have a long way to go
  • Compliment: Your nails are amazing! Response: It’s actually time for a fill and they look old
  • Compliment: You did an Awesome Job on that presentation Response: I hated my voice, I was trembling the whole time, it sucked.

GIRL BYE!! Take the compliment and just say Thank You.

If you worked hard for something, even if you didn’t reach the goal YOU wanted as of yet but you accomplished something… take the compliment.

Who really cares about what’s going wrong, what you haven’t done yet, or how you had to improvise to get there. You did it, You got this far…Take the Compliment.

As a matter of fact… PAT YO’SELF ON THE BACK for everything!!

  • You work hard and get to treat yourself… Pat Yo’self
  • You accomplished that goal or you’re almost there…Pat Yo’self
  • You’re handling your business like a BOSS, after all the hardwork no one ACTUALLY sees…Pat Yo’self
  • You’re rocking multiple titles, Wife/Mom and everything in between…Pat Yo’Self

For me, I never realized I did any of that. I never applauded myself for what I’ve accomplished. It was always… I haven’t done…, I have to still…, I could’ve…, I was supposed to…

Listen, once I came to this realization, that’s when I looked at myself in the mirror and just flat out said… “STOP BEING SO DAG’ON NEGATIVE!!”

I was too busy trying to replicate the wins of others. I was too busy thinking of what others would say or think about what I have or have not done. I was just so dag’on busy with all of that internal negativity, that I never really applauded myself for what I’ve done right. I’ve been blessed to make it to 40 years old and I have done some pretty cool things. The old me, would not have seen any of the coolness, just what went wrong.

I had to learn to leave that negative chic alone and work on being my own cheerleader, all while listening to my own advise. My intuition took over and led me into a more positive happier, and Goal crushing me.

So, Stop the internal negativity , Pat Yo’self and keep on being Dope.

-J. Robinson, Dope Chic

Published by shesjustdope

Wife-Mom-Entreprenuer Living and Loving life on her own terms. Stressless, learning lessons, and living life like a Boss. Life's little hacks with style to make life a little easier.

2 thoughts on “Pump yourself up…Stop being so negative!

  1. So very true
    We accept so much other crap stuff
    We should be able to accept our accomplishments and praises
    ACCEPT & OWN THEM accomplishments and praises

    Liked by 1 person

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