Have you ever had that lil itch? You know, the one that naws at you when you have to wait until payday or you finally get your check and become full of frustration??

You know, the Entrepreneurial Itch… With everything going on and no guarantee of job security that itch just gets worse.

Well, JUST DO IT!!!

Nike Ad is so fitting

When I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a BOSS. My actual words were “Thee SuperStar!” True Story.

I’m just the cutest Chocolate Drop!!!

I would be that kid coming up with all kinds of ways to make money…

  • Candy sales
  • Candy apples
  • Toys (yes, I actually set my toys outside to make money… no one drive by…it was like noon, on a weekday)
  • Writing plays
  • Doing hair

The list can go on… the kicker is, as I grew older, that promise of being a BOSS never went away.

So, as luck would have it…and the fact that Hubby was out to sea and we needed some extra funds… I decided to just do it.

My first business was Basket creations. I was extremely happy with my final product. Super picky on the basket that held everything. They were all themed and they definitely stood out from others… then, I wanted more.

My next venture was an Intimate Adult Accessory and Lingerie business. I knew we needed a niche, so we focused on Game nights. It was a great experience, for myself and my clients.

Click here to check Flirty Passion out

I did that for awhile, but then, I wanted more…that itch, that thought…JUST DO IT.

Then Designer Chic Designs was created. This was my pride and joy. Merging my love for Art / Celebration / Design… I was loving every moment.

However, after coordinating high school proms, local events, and intimate social gatherings I began to add to my services.

At the time, my daughter was a cheerleader. I was definitely THAT MOM who needed a shirt for EVERYTHING!! I couldn’t find anyone to do it, so I figured…JUST DO IT… and I did. From then on in, custom T-shirt design was added and became one of my staple services.

However, while doing a few custom designs, there were a few ideas I had in mind for certain looks. I figured, why not make our own line…I thought, JUST DO IT, and The T-SHIRT Chic was born.

Again, I’m LOVING what I do. I get up in the mornings ready to get things moving.

Do you wake up ready and super psyched to do what you do everyday? If not…Just Do It

Do you have that nagging itch that comes and goes? Just Do It

Have you had an idea, but afraid to even GO there?? Stop, Take a breath, and Just do it

Starting something new is definitely scary. What’s even scarier and an all around sucky feeling, is:

  • NOT knowing if your job is secure
  • NOT having a plan
  • NOT knowing what WOULD HAVE happened if you actually tried

So why not?


– J. Robinson, Dope Chic

Published by shesjustdope

Wife-Mom-Entreprenuer Living and Loving life on her own terms. Stressless, learning lessons, and living life like a Boss. Life's little hacks with style to make life a little easier.

2 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!!!

  1. Awesome motivation, JUST DO IT! When I start to overthink things I’m going to remember; girl, JUST DO IT 🙂


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