Take a step back and…

Hey guys, it’s been a few days, maybe a few weeks. Ya girl had to take a step back and reflect on a few things. No, No, nothing bad, as a matter of fact it’s all good really. It was just one of those things where life began moving waaayyy too fast and I wanted to slow down a minute, take a step back and…enjoy the moments.

Yeah, I’m super sentimental that way. I’m the chick that would go out on a beautiful day, barefoot in the grass and just appreciate the scenery, the smells, the place I stand at that exact moment.

Have you had a chance to sit back and think? Sit and enjoy that one moment in life? I take moments, nothing scheduled, but just whenever the mood hits me, or if I feel as if I’m beginning to forget my blessings, forgetting to live, or even that feeling of picking up on someone else’s emotions… You gotta step back and…enjoy the moments. Enjoy YOUR moments, not anyone else’s.

There will be a time when you think on all of the things you did and didn’t do. Could’ve, should’ve… why wait until then? If there is something you’ve been wanting to try…do it. If it works out, enjoy that moment. If it doesn’t work it, learn from that moment and do something else.

We only get one life, why are we stressing, worrying, wandering ?? STOP, take a step back and…

Enjoy the moment.


J. Robinson, Dope Chic

Published by shesjustdope

Wife-Mom-Entreprenuer Living and Loving life on her own terms. Stressless, learning lessons, and living life like a Boss. Life's little hacks with style to make life a little easier.

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